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Waste Local Plan

The current Waste Local Plan for Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole, adopted in 2006.

The  adopted Waste Local Plan (pdf, 621kb) (opens in a new window) provides guidance and criteria for the three waste planning authorities of Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole when considering waste planning applications. It replaces the text and policies of the adopted Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) that relate to waste and waste management facilities.

Saved Policies

As of 30 June 2009, all policies except six within the Waste Local Plan are saved until replaced by new waste development plan documents. The schedule of saved policies (pdf, 413kb) (opens in a new window) should also be read alongside the plan.

The six policies that are no longer contained within the plan are covered by national guidance as follows:

  • PPS10 Planning for Sustainable Waste Management (Annex E) - replaces policies 5, 10, 14, 18 and 22 of the WLP.
  • Circular 1/2003 Safeguarding, Aerodromes, Technical Sites and Military Explosives Storage Areas - replaces policy 16 of the WLP.

Following the adoption of the Minerals Strategy (2014), one additional policy has been deleted from the Waste Local Plan. Policy 32 Recycling of inert and construction and demolition waste - has been replaced by new Policy RE1 - Production of Recycled Aggregates of the Minerals Strategy.

Copies of the WLP and relevant inset and proposals maps can be downloaded on the right of this page.

Hard copies of the adopted Waste Local Plan can be purchased for £20 (plus £3 postage and packaging) by contacting the Environment - Business Support Team team.

The inspector's report on the WLP is also available for £15 (plus £2.50 postage and packaging).

For further information, contact the Minerals and Waste Planning Policy team.

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