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School complaints procedure

Every school should have a complaints procedure and you can request this from the school office. If your child has a problem at school, you should first try talking to your child's teacher. If you're still not happy, you need to follow the complaints procedure.

Find your school

If you're unsure of a school's contact details, you can find them on our Family Information Directory:

Find your school

Complain about a school

Ask the school for their complaints procedure. This will tell you how to make a complaint and how your complaint will be handled.

If you've already spoken to your child's teacher and are still not satisfied, you should write a formal letter of complaint to the head teacher. Remember to keep a copy. You should expect a response to your complaint within 10 days after they've received it.

Most complaints are resolved at this stage.

Complain about the head teacher or principal, or what to do if you're not happy with their response

If your complaint is about the head teacher or principal, you'll probably be asked to write to the Chair of Governers. You can contact them through the school.

Academies or free schools may have different arrangements.

Not happy with the school's final response

If you're still not happy after following the school's complaints procedure, you can contact the Department for Education (opens in a new window).

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