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Economic development - Dorset County Council

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The Economic Development Group is responsible for the council's work on economic development, and European issues, influencing policy development from European through to local levels.

An important part of the Group's role is to act as a facilitator to bring together the public, voluntary and private sectors in pursuit of common objectives, and to secure funding to assist the development of partnership projects.

The Dorset economy is in a good shape but there are a number of programmes in progress to ensure this continues, including the following areas:

  • infrastructure and connectivity
  • skills and employability
  • business support
  • sustainable economic development
  • promoting Dorset
  • regional, national and international policy
  • networking and collaboration

Economic development covers a wide range of activities, many of which rely on partnership working.  As Dorset is a two-tier authority, there are economic development functions at both county and district level. 

Officers from all the authorities work closely in collaboration to support and develop the local economies within Dorset.  The local authorities also work alongside the private sector and other organisations with the  Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (opens in a new window) that has been established to "deliver growth through business enterprise whilst safeguarding the environment".

Enabling Economic Growth

Our vision is for a strong and successful Dorset economy, with strong businesses offering a diverse range of jobs to skilled and valued workers.

The Enabling Economic Growth Strategy (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window) lays out our vision for the county to 2020.

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