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Find out about and download Dorset Coast Forum publications


Canoeing in Poole Harbour- August 2016

The Canoeing in Poole Harbour (pdf, 5Mb) (opens in a new window) Leaflet has been produced to help canoeists enjoy the harbour safely while increasing awareness of bird sensitive areas and how they can minimise the disturbance to important species while appreciating the wildlife. It was funded by Natural England and the RNLI, supported by the Poole Harbour Steering Group and was produced by the Dorset Coast Forum with the input of many organisations including Birds of Poole Harbour, Poole Harbour Commissioners, Dorset Wildlife Trust, National Trust, Borough of Poole and the Poole Harbour Canoe Club.

Dorset Coast Forum Leaflet- November 2015

Our DCF Leaflet (pdf, 4Mb) (opens in a new window) will tell you about the Dorset Coast Forum and the services we offer.

'Chiswell Storms and Coastal Defences' - April 2015

The Storms and Coastal Defences at Chiswell (pdf, 8Mb) (opens in a new window) booklet has been produced for the residents of Chiswell about the coastal defences at Chiswell, how they work and help to protect the community and what may happen in future. It is hoped that this booklet will also help the community to prepare for floods from any future storms.

This booklet has been written with contributions from the Environment Agency, Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, CH2M (formerly Halcrow) and Dorset Coast Forum members.

'Tourism Business Guide to Understanding Coastal Change- Raising awareness and providing ideas for Poole Harbour and the surrounding area'- Sept 2014

The LiCCo Tourism Business Guide to Understanding Coastal Change (pdf, 8Mb) (opens in a new window) has been produced for businesses in the tourism industry in Poole and the surrounding area to help raise awareness of coastal change and how it might affect them. Different tourist sites are illustrated that highlight aspects of coastal change as well as providing some useful facts. It is helpful to have a greater understanding of the local environment and the role natural processes can play in benefiting or providing challenges within the tourism industry.

This booklet has been commissioned by the Environment Agency through the Living with a changing coast project (opens in a new window) project and compiled by the Dorset Coast Forum with contributions from coastal experts.

Marine and coastal education resource pack

This Dorset Coast Forum Nexus (opens in a new window) was put together by experts and teachers to help with Key Stage 2 (KS2) learning of issues for the marine and coastal environment. Other educational resources are also available on the DCF Nexus page (opens in a new window) such as the Living with a Changing Coast Primary and Secondary Learning and Teaching pack.

The Dorset Coast Strategy

The Dorset Coast Strategy 2011-2021 (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window) is the first formal revision of the original Dorset Coast Strategy (1999-2011) developed as part of a European demonstration programme. It builds on its predecessor and an interim progress report published in 2005. There is a new vision and five key objectives, but some of the policies are still as relevant today as they were in 1999 and so have been included in the revised strategy.

There are 16 topic papers that contain detailed information that support the Strategy. The topics covered are:

Strategy Reporting document for period: 2013- 15

This Dorset Coast Strategy Reporting Document for Period: 2013-15 (pdf, 517kb) (opens in a new window) continues to look at how the five objectives are delivered through the different policies. It shows where there is key commitment from different organisations and the activity made by those organisations. It is a living consultation which tries to draw all the activities together. If you would like to comment or add activities to the report, please contact us.

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