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Weymouth and Portland Partnership

The Weymouth and Portland Partnership brings together a wide range of local organisations in work to meet the needs of the local community and shape the future of Weymouth and Portland.

The Partnership was formed in 2001 and is governed by a Management Board which includes representatives of voluntary and community groups, local organisations, borough and county councillors and an independent chair.

The Partnership links a series of committed groups:

  • The Weymouth & Portland Business Leaders Economy Group
  • The Weymouth & Portland Tourism Partnership
  • The Weymouth & Portland Communities Theme Group
  • Natural Weymouth and Portland Partnership

All these groups work together to get things done in the Borough.

Weymouth Area Development Trust (WADT)

WADT (opens in a new window) is an independent non profit organisation that works with private, voluntary and public sector organisations. The Development Trust is committed to the economic, environmental, and social regeneration of Weymouth and surrounding areas and was formed to work alongside Weymouth and Portland Partnership.

An Economic Plan for Weymouth from the Business Leaders 2016

This is part of the national Coastal Communities Initiative which aims to improve the economy in coastal areas, and includes Weymouth and Chickerell. A similar plan is being developed for Portland.

Weymouth and Portland Partnership Business Leader's Group is proud to have Coastal Community Team status, and who are planning the economic regeneration of the Town and surrounding areas.

Despite significant challenges, Weymouth has the potential to grow. All the ingredients are in place for the town to re-establish itself as a vibrant community with a strong and diverse economic foundation.

We want to thank everyone who responded to the draft, and who submitted ideas, and comments and were willing to be interviewed.

Download a copy of the Economic Plan (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window). An Executive summary is also being prepared.

Compare what we are planning with other Coastal Communities Teams around the country (opens in a new window)

Find out more about partner member Portland Community Partnership's plan (opens in a new window)

Working with You

Certain areas of Weymouth and Portland experience significant and multiple difficulties and four wards fall within the top 20% of the most deprived communities in the country.  Littlemoor, Melcombe Regis, Underhill and Westham continue to be the Weymouth and Portland priority areas.

Working with You is a way of collaborative working targeting the four priority areas of Littlemoor, Melcombe Regis, Underhill and Westham by putting communities at the heart of partnership working practice.  The initiative involves working more closely with communities to ensure that their priorities and those identified through statistical data are brought together, drilled down and jointly agreed before projects are developed to address them.

Working with You aims to deliver positive area improvements, build trust and respect between communities and service delivery organisations, build community capacity and address the financial "pinch" experienced by organisations by combining resources and building sustainable communities.

The Working with You principles are:

  • To improve the quality of life in all communities concentrating initially on areas facing multiple challenges
  • To deliver positive action
  • To place communities at the heart of partnership working practices
  • To encourage collaborative working at all levels and to achieve more through coordinated action

Working with You Action Plans

Working with You Action Plan Joint Actions (pdf, 352kb) (opens in a new window)

Working with You Action Plan for Littlemoor (pdf, 304kb) (opens in a new window)

Working with You Action Plan for Melcombe Regis (pdf, 283kb) (opens in a new window)

Working with You Action Plan for Underhill (pdf, 371kb) (opens in a new window)

Working with You Action Plan for Westham (pdf, 499kb) (opens in a new window)

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