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Eating and nutrition

Eating well, drinking enough water, eating opportunities in Dorset and Dorset's Nutritional Care Strategy for Adults.

Not eating and drinking properly is a major cause of ill-health in the UK and Dorset, particularly among the elderly.  In the UK, general malnutrition affects nearly a quarter of people under 65 and a third of people over 65.  Through  Dorset's Nutritional Care Strategy, (pdf, 376kb) (opens in a new window) we are working with partners to reduce the incidence of malnutrition and dehydration in Dorset.

These pages have information about the strategy as well as practical advice on eating well and ensuring you drink enough water.

Eating opportunities

Read more about Eating opportunities
Information on meals delivery, lunch clubs, shopping services and foodbanks.

Drink more water

Read more about Drink more water
Almost two thirds of our bodies is water but most of us don't drink enough for best health.

Worried about nutrition

Read more about Worried about nutrition
Advice on what to do if you are losing weight or worried about someone you know.

Good dietary advice

Read more about Good dietary advice
General dietary information as well as advice on diet for particular circumstances.

Nutritional Care Strategy and resources

Read more about Nutritional Care Strategy and resources
Information and resources about Dorset's Nutritional Care Strategy for Adults.

Catering Solutions

Read more about Catering Solutions
Help we can offer to the care sector including: consultancy, relief staff and training.
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