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Information on the allotment sites and facilities available to the community and the charges that apply in Dorset.

Allotments are plots of land available for rent to the local community and used to grow vegetables, fruit and flowers. Apart from providing low cost food, they provide valuable recreational opportunities. Allotments also provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.

Allotments have evolved through history, the most notable being the Second World War where the public were encouraged to 'grow their own greens' and 'dig for Britain'. The first legislative reforms date back to the Enclosures Act of 1845.

Today, councils are required to provide allotments for the public.

Allotment plots are not all hard work, they have many advantages such as providing fresh, organic, home grown vegetables, fruit and flowers often cheaper than those at a supermarket or greengrocer. Allotment plots are also social places where you can meet people with similar interests whilst enjoying a healthy and outdoor activity.

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