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Dorset county councillors - payment of allowances

All county councillors are entitled to receive certain allowances each year. These include a basic allowance, as well as those which cover travel, subsistence and special responsibilities, such as being a chairman of a committee. The allowances paid to each county councillor for 2008/09 to 2014/15 are available.

Explanatory notes:

(i) The names highlighted are co-opted, independent or school admission appeal panel members, not elected members.
(ii) There are more than 45 elected members listed for 2009/10, 2013/14 and 2015/16 as this information relates to the members of the county council both before and after the county council elections held in June 2009 and May 2013 respectively.

Who decides on the levels of the allowances?

All councils are required to establish an Independent Remuneration Panel consisting of at least three members who are not elected members of the county council. They produce a report setting out their recommendations for the levels of allowances which is then considered at a meeting of the full county council, who make the final decision. The council must have regard to the recommendations made by the panel when agreeing the levels of allowances.

Who are the members of the panel?

The current membership is:

Mr Martin Varley (Chairman)

Currently a partner at Humphries Kirk LLP (Solicitors) in Dorchester. Previous voluntary work includes Chairman of Wealden District Council IRP and East Sussex Fire & Rescue Authority Independent Remuneration Advisory Group.  

Mr Daniel Cadisch

Daniel has also served on the West Dorset/East Dorset/Purbeck/Christchurch Remuneration Panel since 2010 and is currently the Bureau Manager at Dorchester CAB. 

Mr Donald Hunter

Retired HR Director and currently the Chairman of the Independent Panel for Trustees Remuneration - The Affinity Trust. Previous employment includes a position as Executive Director - Human Resources for RYCO PTY Ltd.

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