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Minerals & Waste Local Plan

There are five remaining policies in the Minerals & Waste Local Plan, adopted in 1999.

Following adoption of the Minerals Strategy on 6 May 2014, the following policies are the only policies of the Minerals & Waste Local Plan still remaining:

  • Policy 6 - Relating to Applications Outside the Preferred Areas
  • Policy 15 - Preferred Areas for Sand and Gravel
  • Policy 16 - Applications for the winning and working of gravel outside Preferred Areas
  • Policy 30 - Presumption in favour of extraction in Preferred Areas
  • Policy 35 - Presumption in favour of applications within Preferred Areas

The waste policies have been superseded by the adopted Waste Local Plan (2006). All mineral policies apart from those listed above have been superseded by the adopted Minerals Strategy (2014).

Saved Minerals Policies

Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the Secretary of State issued a Direction saving most of the minerals policies in the adopted Minerals and Waste Local Plan beyond 28 September 2007. The schedule of saved policies (pdf, 85kb) (opens in a new window) should be read in conjunction with the plan.

Copies of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan and relevant inset and proposals maps are available to download. 

For further information, contact the Minerals and Waste Policy team. Copies of the adopted Minerals and Waste Local Plan can be purchased for £20 + £5 p&p each by contacting the Environment - Business Support Team.

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