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Behaviour Support Service

The Behaviour Support Service supports schools, pupils, parents/carers and Governors.

This includes not challenging behaviour but any behaviour causing concern particularly if it is impacting upon the learning and achievement of an individual child or young person or that of others.

The service is made up of qualified teachers who are experienced practitioners with extensive classroom experience.  All have additional qualifications in the sphere of behaviour management and emotional wellbeing.

The service members work closely as a team and are frequently able to offer a fresh approach to situations.

What does the service do?

  • Offers advice, support and training to schools, their pupils, parent/carers and governors in the promotion of positive behavioural, emotional and social development (BESD) and the effective management of behaviour
  • Supports through training, advice and sharing of good practice the promotion of an ethos which encourages and facilitates positive BESD including the recognition of the link between good teaching and learning and an emotionally healthy school where pupils are able to achieve
  • Supports the identification of pupils with BESD adopting offering an overview of need through a comprehensive in depth assessment process ensuring a multi-agency approach response and building capacity in school
  • Where appropriate acts as a critical friend in terms of identifying and supporting the needs of children and young people and monitoring and evaluating school interventions
  • Facilitates, where appropriate, referral for further assessment/involvement of other professionals and access to support through a multi-agency approach
  • Supports identification of pupils at risk of exclusion and support for reintegration of those who have been excluded

In which settings does the service work?

In general the service works within the school setting but home visits and advice to parents/carers forms part of the initial assessment process in cases involving primary age children and where deemed appropriate in some cases of older children and young people.  Follow up advice for parents/carers is also available by phone as an ongoing service.

What can we expect following involvement from the service?

Assessment of difficulties and the formulation of an action plan to address need including ongoing support and advice for all stakeholders and training as appropriate to improve the outcomes for children and young people.

How do I access the service?

Requests for advice and involvement are generally received from schools but parents/carers and professionals can also instigate initial contact.

Other services

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