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Applying for planning permission in Dorset

Find out how to make an application and who to make it to.

You should send applications to your local district or borough council.

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Submit an application to:

If your application is for:

  • Mining, quarrying and the working of minerals and associated facilities, or
  • Waste disposal or the treating, storing, processing or disposing of refuse or waste materials

You will need to apply to Dorset County Council.

Who can apply?

You can make your own application, or hire an agent to make it for you. This could be:

  • an architect
  • a solicitor
  • a builder

Anyone can submit it even if they don't own the land or building(s). If you do not own the land, you will need the owners permission.

If you have part-ownership, you have tell anyone who shares ownership with you. This includes:

  • leaseholders who have 7 or more years left on the lease
  • any agricultural tenants

It is your duty to make sure you have the permission needed to do any works. You should submit the form and wait for us to grant permission before you start any work.

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