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Parish Plans - West Dorset

Many parish plans are being prepared in the district, showing how communities want their parish or village to be now and in the future.

To help communities in West Dorset preparing parish plans, the West Dorset Partnership has produced some guidance (pdf, 155kb) (opens in a new window) on how to develop a parish plan to engage and influence key service providers.  Some joint guidance on reviewing parish plans (pdf, 341kb) (opens in a new window) has also been produced.

The West Dorset Partnership will send the parish a formal response as part of the Parish Plan Protocol (pdf, 179kb) (opens in a new window) once a plan is finalised.  This response will outline how the member organisations can support and/or implement the actions set out in the plan. This diagram (pdf, 169kb) (opens in a new window) illustrates the process of the parish plan protocol.

To view completed parish plans in the district see our webpage.

Under the Localism Act Neighbourhood planning can now be produced by a community setting out the future development for a community.  Parish plans are a useful starting point for a neighbourhood plan or both plans can be developed along side each other.  Neighbourhood plans can only include 'planning' related issues (e.g. where to build affordable housing) and a parish plan can include wider community issues (e.g. speeding traffic).

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