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Why Dorset councils consult

Explanation about why we consult, including strategy duties, government agendas and scrutiny in consultation.

Councils in Dorset consult with the local residents, businesses and visitors for many reasons (service improvements, new developments, customer satisfaction, to prioritise spending, and so on) as part of their commitment to delivering local services with value for money. Above this, though, are the obligations we have from legislation and national government agendas.

Statutory duties

There are a number of statutory duties which the county and districts needs to fulfil. These range from duties to consult on the budget with businesses; to carrying out Statements of Community Involvement in planning; and consulting with stakeholders, parents and young people under The Childcare Act (2006).

Scrutiny in consultation

Many local authorities will have their own policies on or standards for consultation.

Dorset County Council has research standards in Children's Services and Adult and Community Services.

Christchurch Borough Council has a  Public Consultation Strategy (PDF, 44kb) (opens in a new window) adopted in 1999 and a Consultation Charter (PDF, 25kb) (opens in a new window).

East Dorset District Council has a Customer Focus Strategy (PDF, 111kb) (opens in a new window) which demonstrates their commitment to consultation.

West Dorset District Council has a Consultation Policy (pdf, 172kb) (opens in a new window).

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council has a Consultation Policy (pdf, 172kb) (opens in a new window).

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