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East Dorset District Council - Planning application forms

Information and links to access the forms required for your planning application.

Changes to planning application fees 

As of 17 January 2018 the cost of submitting a planning application to authorities in England will be increased by 20%. You can find out more in this  blog post from the planning portal about the fee changes. (opens in a new window). You can also  read the Town and Country planning legislation describing the changes (opens in a new window) here.



There are two methods for making a planning application:

1.  Submit an online application with the planning portal (opens in a new window) - We support and promote the submission of planning applications online. The planning portal also provides general information and guidance on the planning process.

2. Download a paper version of a planning form using  the planning portals paper form chooser. (opens in a new window)


If you are unsure as to whether you require planning permission, we offer Pre Application Advice. General information about permitted development can be found at  The Planning Portal (opens in a new window).

Download the  latest fees for planning applications (opens in a new window) or use the  national planning fee calculator (opens in a new window).

Certificates to Accompany Planning Applications

If you are applying using either the Householder or Planning application form then you will be need to complete an Ownership Certificate of the land (either A, B, C or D).

A notice must be completed and served to all owners of the application site (in accordance with Part 13 of the Development Management Procedure Order).

Site owners are defined as freeholders or leaseholders with at least seven years of the leasehold left unexpired.

Householder Applications

If you are submitting a householder application you need to use the Certificate for Householder Applications (pdf, 79kb) (opens in a new window), if Certificate B or C is completed.

Non-householder Applications

For all other applications the  Certificate for Non Householder Applications (pdf, 116kb) (opens in a new window) is to be printed and served to owners if Certificate B or C is completed.

Where the owner is unknown the  Certificate for Non Householder applications with Unknown Owners (pdf, 115kb) (opens in a new window) is for publication in a local newspaper if Certificate C or D is completed.

A copy of the notice must also be sent with the application to the local authority.

Design and Access Statements

A Design and Access Statement is required for an application for planning permission which is for-

  • A development which is a major development
  • Where any part of the development is within a designated area (conservation area), development consisting of
    1. The provision of one or more dwelling/houses; or
    2. The provision of a building or buildings where the floor space created by the development is 100 square metres or more.

The Design and Access Statement shall;

  • Explain the design principles and concepts that have been applied to the development
  • Demonstrate the steps taken to appraise the context of the development and how the design of the development takes that context in to account
  • Explain the policy adopted as to access, and how policies relating to access in relevant local development documents have been taken in to account
  • State what, if any, consultation has been undertaken on issues relating to access to the development and what account has been taken of the outcome of any such consultation; and
  • Explaining how any specific issues which might affect access to the development have been addressed

Extant Planning Permissions

Please note that it is no longer possible to renew extant planning permissions, you will now need to apply for a new planning permission.

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