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Using your Blue Badge

Disabled parking - Blue badge

How to use your Blue Badge and what to do if you have problems.

It is your responsibility to use your Blue Badge properly. Misuse of the Blue Badge is a serious matter and could result in a fine and loss of the badge. We have separate advice on what do if you have problems with your badge and how to get a replacement.

Full details on proper use are set out in the booklet: Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities (opens in a new window)  A summary of the key points is given below.

How to use your badge

The Blue Badge can only be used by you, the badge holder, when you are travelling as the driver or passenger in the vehicle in which it is displayed. It must not be used by friends, neighbours or relatives unless you are travelling in their vehicle.

You must display your badge on the dashboard of the vehicle in which you have travelled, either as a driver or passenger. The badge should not be obstructed or covered in any way by other items and should be visible through the windscreen with the photograph face down.

If you park on yellow lines, or where there is a time restriction, you also need to display a correctly set time disc or clock. This will be sent to you with your Blue Badge. 

You may want to use a 'window-cling' sticker with the Blue Badge logo. These are available from most motor accessory stores.

Where to use your badge

The Blue Badge is for on-street parking only.  Off street car parks have separate rules and you will need to check signs in each car park. The arrangements for parking in district council-operated car parks vary between different district councils.

Details of where you can use your badge and where you need to check are set out in the booklet: Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities (opens in a new window)

Use outside Dorset

The Blue Badge scheme does not fully operate in central London and you should check before travelling (opens in a new window). You can also register on the Transport for London website (opens in a new window) for exemption from the congestion charge.

The Blue Badge design is now standard across the European Union (EU) and you are entitled to the local concessions which apply in each member state. Please note that these vary from country to country. Details are contained on page 31 of the booklet Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities (opens in a new window)

There are no current arrangements for you to use the badge outside the EU, in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, although they may be prepared to recognise the Blue Badge. You should check what concessions are available before travelling to non-EU countries.

What to do if you have problems

Lost or stolen badges

If your badge has been stolen you will first need to report this to the police who will give you a Crime Reference Number.

To obtain a replacement for your lost/stolen badge please download the replacement badge form (pdf, 435kb) (opens in a new window) or call us and we will send you one. Complete the form and return it to us with a fee of £10.00.

Expired badges

An out of date badge is no longer valid and you should stop using it immediately. If you have not received a renewal application please contact us to reapply.

Parking tickets

If you wish to appeal against the parking ticket you will need to contact the Parking Services Section that issued it. The contact details will be printed on the Penalty Charge Notice.

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