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Updating your Blue Badge details

How to tell us if you change your name or address or if you do not need your Blue Badge any more.

Change of name

You should tell us if you change your name so that we can update our records. Please write to us with the reason for your change of name, together with evidence e.g. copy marriage certificate.  You may continue to use your current badge (with your old name) until expiry, but if you want to have your new name on your badge, please download the  replacement badge form (pdf, 435kb) (opens in a new window) or telephone us and we will send you one.  Complete the form and return it to us with a fee of £10.00.

Change of address

Please complete the online change of address form. Alternatively, tell us your new address, by telephone or in writing.  We will then make sure that your renewal reminder is sent to the correct address.

Moving out of Dorset

Please tell us you are moving out of Dorset so that we stop sending reminders to your old address. Your badge will remain valid until the expiry date and you will be able to use it in your new county. When your badge is due to expire you will need to reapply to the county council in the area in which you are living.

Badge no longer needed

You should tell us, by telephone or in writing, if you no longer need a Blue Badge.  This might be because your mobility has improved and you are no longer eligible, you are confined to your home or because the badge holder has died.  Please tell us why the badge is no longer needed and return it to us.

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