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Champions Programme

Dorset Early Help/POPP Champions live and work locally. Their role is to 'challenge and change' the way local services are provided for adults.

They do this through engagement with colleagues in health and social care services, town and parish councils, local community groups and through contact with individual members of the public in a community setting to identify where there are gaps in the provision of services or where there are opportunities that could benefit adults and communities in Dorset.  They keep abreast of issues and challenges in their communities and the health and social care arena and work to influence ideas and services by raising the concerns and needs of their community.  Once identified they will liaise with the relevant providers, resources, community groups and individuals to support local provision to help build capacity to meet the need.  Typically these are projects with themes that include providing local transport, creating new social opportunities and supporting the development of initiatives that support people to live happier, healthier lives that enable them to remain living in their own homes for as long as they wish to.

The Champions and Wayfinders programme is contracted out to Help and Care, and therefore supports capacity building within Dorset's Voluntary Sector.



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