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Evaluation of Dorset POPP

Dorset POPP began as one of 29 national pilots testing new ways of improving the health and well-being of older people and helping shift resources currently tied up in more acute 'secondary' health care services (e.g. hospitals) in order to invest in more preventative and locally based support.

The National Evaluation of Partnerships for Older People Projects: Executive Summary can also be seen on the right of this page.  Full details can also be found on the  Department of Health - Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPP) (opens in a new window) website.

There is an opportunity to learn from all the work going on across Dorset and find out:

  • Which of the new approaches being tried through the Dorset POPP pilot worked well?
  • For whom?
  • Why and how?
  • In what circumstances?
  • And... what is getting in the way/how could it work better?

Lessons from this are being used to help improve support available to older people in Dorset, e.g. through guiding the planning and delivery of future services.

This local evaluation also fed into a national evaluation, that brought together information and lessons from all 29 POPP pilot schemes to inform policy and planning at a national level.

  • Our evaluation approach

    Our evaluation approach looked at three key aspects of programme developments and initiatives.

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    The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) is a not for profit organisation which works to promote inclusive lives for people who are most at risk of exclusion and who may need support to lead a full life. NDTi exists to make change happen - change that leads to people having better lives.

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