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Community Commissioning Fund

Dorset Early Help/POPP has a pot of money to fund locally identified opportunities, activities and services and has developed an application and appraisal process to enable groups to bid in for seed funding to develop local initiatives relating to the promotion of health, well being and independence.

Funding applications are appraised at a monthly meeting led by the Early Help/POPP Board older people members and supported by the Early Help/POPP Community Development Workers.

From 2006 to 2008 during the initial Department of Health funding, two pots of money were set aside.  The Leverage fund was for amounts over £2,000 and in that two year period, 26 projects were awarded a total of £448,068.  The Community Win fund for applications up to £2,000 continues, and to date POPP has seed funded around 430 small community projects totalling almost £500,000.  Over the last 10 years we have therefore awarded nearly £950,000 to community groups and activities.

So far, funded projects have included:

  • lunch clubs - Eating opportunities

  • widows and widowers support groups

  • men's sheds projects

  • art and craft classes

  • social clubs

  • toe nail cutting services

  • good neighbour schemes

  • volunteer community neighbourcar transport schemes - Community transport in Dorset

  • befriending schemes

  • community choirs and singing groups

  • tea dances and much more


The proposed project must meet the following criteria.

It must:

  • fit with the overall goals of Dorset Early Help/POPP

  • provide a rapid response to a particular visible or contentious problem, or respond to an identified need, which will improve the quality of life in the county

  • benefit adult residents of Dorset

And should:

  • be sustainable and have a long term impact

  • help build community confidence in Dorset Early Help/POPP

  • address longer term issues of provision of acute health and social care services

Please remember:

  • 'Community Wins' bids can be for any amount up to £2,000

  • retrospective applications cannot be considered

  • there is a strict requirement that monitoring forms for activities are completed on a six monthly basis - but we will only ask you to provide this twice in a 15 months period.  Full information and guidance is given when you apply for funding. 

How to submit a funding bid

If you have an idea for an activity or service for adults in your area, we may be able to help you start something new or develop existing provision.

  1. Develop an idea within your community
  2. Commit a proposal to paper
  3. Discuss the idea with an Early Help/POPP Community Development Worker or Champion
  4. Complete a Community Win application form (pdf, 467kb) (opens in a new window) and submit it to the Early Help/POPP Administrator for appraisal at the next Exchange meeting


  • Table tennis club 2 Funded projects

    To date, Dorset POPP has funded around 430 projects with nearly £950,000.

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