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Parish and town councils and parish meetings

A listing of all the Parish and Town councils, including the councillors' contact details and details of their Plans.

They often cover things like allotments, bus shelters, village halls, children's playgrounds, parks, seats, signs, notice boards and have a significant input to planning.

Some larger parish councils may also get involved in providing street lighting, burial grounds and playing fields amongst other things. These councils are obliged to organise at least one town or parish meeting each year which all electors may attend and raise issues of concern.

Some of the parish councils are grouped together for administrative convenience and are "grouped councils" and have a single clerk for each group. An example of this would be Chesil Bank Grouped Council made up of Abbotsbury, Fleet, Langton Herring and Portesham.

Some smaller parishes have parish meetings which do not have elected members.

See a map of all Dorset parishes .

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