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Planning - high hedges

People are able to take complaints to their district/ borough council about high hedges, provided they have tried and exhausted all other means for resolving their hedge dispute.

The council will expect you to provide documentary evidence to demonstrate that you have tried to amicably address the problem within the last six months and that you have kept records of letters, conversations and mediation.

If you can demonstrate the above, the council can look at your complaint if the hedge is made up of a line of two or more evergreen or semi evergreen trees or shrubs, it is over a height of two metres (measured from natural ground level), and is capable of obstructing light or views and can detract from the reasonable enjoyment of your home or garden due to its height. Full details of why the hedge is causing a problem to you must be explained to the council.

Please note that making a complaint to the council is very much a last resort and the person making the complaint must show that all other attempts to resolve the problem amicably have failed. Try talking or writing to the person responsible for the hedge, or using a mediation service.

Enforcement including high hedges and protected trees is a complicated subject. Councils will only become involved as a last resort and complainants are urged to study the advice and guidance in the Government publications referred to above before submitting complaints.

A fee is charged for the complaint procedure. For more information please contact:

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