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Planning Environmental Policy Group

Information on environment policy group and planning.

Environment Advisory Team

The Environment Advisory Group is primarily responsible for sustainable development and environmental policy. The Environment Policy Group develops and implements a clear, consistent and ambitious programme to improve Dorset's unique environment. This reflects the importance which residents and visitors place on our abundant natural and historic assets, and ensures that Dorset's voice is heard at regional, national and international level.

The team sits within the wider Coast and Countryside services of Dorset County Council.

Environment Advisory Teams

There are five teams in the Environment Advisory Group who provide services and advice on planning and policy issues affecting Dorset. They are the Dorset Coast Forum, Natural Environment Team, Historic Environment, Greenspace (landscaping) team and the Countryside Development and Access.

Coastal Policy

The Coastal Policy Team is comprised of the Environment Advice Team Leader, the core management team of the Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) and a number of project officers. The team is a group of coastal management professionals.

Dorset Coast Forum

The Dorset Coast Forum Coordinator and other DCF staff work in partnership with numerous coastal stakeholders to promote a sustainable approach to the management, use and development of Dorset's coastal zone, which will ensure that its inherent natural and cultural qualities are maintained and enhanced for the benefit of future generations.

Historic Environment

Dorset County Council's Historic Environment team seek to promote interest, understanding and enjoyment of Dorset's historic environment and careful and sensitive development within it. Learn more about the Dorset County Council's Historic Environment team.

Natural Environment

The Natural Environment Team consists of professional specialist advisors within the Planning Division of the Environment Directorate at Dorset County Council. Find out more about them and Landscape and Ecology Services.

Greenspace (Landscaping) Team

The Greenspace and Landscaping team provide services to Dorset County Council owned or managed buildings and areas to carry out essential maintenance and also design and improve the areas to fit with the buildings and organisations needs.

Countryside Projects and Access

The Countryside Project Development Officer (Access) helps projects and groups to identify funds to improve access and rights and way to the Dorset countryside.

Working in Partnership

Dorset's unique environment can not be improved by the county council alone. We therefore work in partnership with a range of public, private and voluntary sector bodies to develop common aims, hosting a number of staff teams who take the lead in delivering the objectives of those partnerships.

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