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Library plans, policies and charges

You can find out how your library service is planned and see details of policies.

  • Big book set Library charges

    Most library services are free, but there are charges for hiring some items, such as films on DVD, talking books and music CDs.

  • Woman using computer in library Library Profiles

    Information about population trends, library members and much more for each individual library

  • Collection Development Policy

    The purposes of the public library service are to provide the individual and the community with access to information, ideas and experiences contained in books and other media.

  • Reader Development Policy

    Reader development increases readers' confidence to choose books across a wide range of imaginative literature. It offers opportunities for people to share their reading experiences. It raises the status of reading as a participatory art form.

  • Children and young people's safety policy in libraries

    As responsible agents working with children, it is important that your libraries create safe community spaces and take the issue of child safety seriously.

  • Home Library Service Policy

    The Home Library Service is provided to individuals who for a variety of reasons cannot use the conventional library service.

  • LibrariesWest

    Changes to your library service: Dorset Library Service have joined LibrariesWest.

  • Dorset Library Service regulations and byelaws

    Regulations governing the use of Dorset County Library made by Dorset County Council as the Library Authority and the byelaws.

  • Information about your library membership

    The information we collect from you is held on a shared database which is a partnership between Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, Borough of Poole, Dorset, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Somerset Councils.

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