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National planning policy information

See the Government's guidance that informs local planning policy and decision making.

Current Policy

At the national level the main source of Government guidance is the  National Planning Policy Framework (opens in a new window) (NPPF). The NPPF takes the place of the former Planning Policy Statements and Planning Policy Guidance.

Some specific matters are not included in the NPPF. National policy for waste planning is contained within Planning Policy Statement 10 (opens in a new window) (PPS10) and some minerals issues are still covered by Minerals Planning Guidance documents. The Government is expected to publish a new National Waste Management Plan to replace PPS10 during 2013.

Currently policy for developments involving Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Show People is contained within  Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (opens in a new window). The Government proposes to merge this with the NPPF in due course.

Under the Localism Act there is a new Duty to Cooperate to ensure that Local Authorities and other bodies have proper regard to strategic and cross boundary issues.

Advice and Information

The Planning Portal (opens in a new window) is the UK Government's online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. This site can also be used to research Government policy or to learn about planning and building regulations, apply for planning permission, or make an appeal against a decision or find out about development near you.

If you need advice on planning matters you may be eligible for " Planning Aid (opens in a new window)". Planning Aid provides free, independent and professional help, advice and support on planning issues to people and communities who cannot afford to hire a planning consultant. Planning Aid complements the work of local authorities but is wholly independent of them.

For further information contact the planning policy team.

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