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Ancient Technology Centre Commercial projects

The Ancient Technology Centre team have an international reputation in the field of archaeological reconstruction.

We can take your project from initial ideas, through the research phase, design and final build.  For more information, or to make an enquiry, please contact the Centre Manager.

Stonehenge Neolithic Houses project

The Ancient Technology Centre completed this project for English Heritage in 2014.  Phase One saw ATC staff designing and constructing three prototype Neolithic houses at Old Sarum during the early months of 2013. The work was carried out by over 60 English Heritage volunteers and aimed to experiment with a range of Neolithic tools, materials and construction methods to produce buildings based on 4600 year old evidence from the excavated site of Durrington Walls.

These successful prototypes informed the designs and construction of the five buildings that have been constructed at the new Visitor Centre. The build began in late January and forms an outside gallery at the centre that brings to life the daily life of people who constructed the Stonehenge landscape. The aim of the ATC's work on this project is to inform the visiting public about the life of Neolithic farmers who spent enormous time and effort creating monuments to their dead.

Three teams of volunteers and ATC staff took 17 weeks to construct the five houses and fit four of them out with plank built and woven furniture including beds, doors and storage shelves. The finished buildings also feature replica Neolithic artefacts from pots to flint tools to give the visitors a real impression of how life could have been at the time of the building of the latter phase of Stonehenge.

All of the work is based on painstaking interpretation of archaeological evidence by the ATC team.

See the Neolithic buildings blog (opens in a new window) for more information.

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