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North Dorset community partnerships

There are three area-based community partnerships in North Dorset.

Community development and planning in North Dorset

Community partnerships

Community development and planning enables local communities to become directly involved in improving the quality of life for residents, supporting the local economy, helping environmental improvements, and also to plan for future changes in their area.

In North Dorset, this is supported by volunteer run community partnerships. The community partnerships are based on market towns and their areas, rather than the boundaries of the District Council. Whilst they are not statutory organisations, they can bring together local town/parish councils, voluntary and community organisations, local businesses and residents to identify and work in partnership on local issues. Much of the practical work of the community partnerships is supporting and delivering community, economic and environmental projects in their area.

There are three area-based community partnerships in North Dorset:

There used to be a community partnership for Blandford and surrounding area, the DT11 Forum, but this closed in spring 2017.

North Dorset District Council supported the community partnerships and community resource workers in each area with funding over many years, but this funding support was no longer available from spring 2017.

Parish Plans

Most parishes have completed Parish Plans which enable a parish to plan for its future on a wide range of community, economic and environmental issues. The introduction of neighbourhood plans enable parishes to focus more on land use planning, but a parish plan is still a valuable tool.

North Dorset Travel Study

In 2012/13 North Dorset District Council worked with the community partnerships and Dorset County Council on a transport study, rural transport being a key issue for this area. North Dorset Travel Study

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