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Dorset Archaeological Days - frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions including: Can I turn up and pay on the day? Why do you charge two prices for adult tickets? Can I order and pay for my tickets online?

Can I turn up and pay on the day?

It is possible to do this for most of our walks, but numbers are limited for some walks. We identify events where numbers are limited clearly in the programme.

Why do you charge two prices for adult tickets?

Our prices for adults are £3 for tickets bought in advance, and £5 for tickets bought on the day. We used to charge £3 for all tickets, but found that walk leaders were spending a lot of time sorting out tickets at the start of the walk, and then had to stagger round under the weight of a great many one pound coins! So, our two-tier pricing system is aimed at getting most of the administration out of the way before the event itself and, if people do pay on the day, avoiding the walk leader having to deal with a lot of loose change.

Can I order and pay for my tickets online?

You can book your tickets through the website but we can't at present provide the facility for online payment. It is certainly on our 'wish list' and we hope to be able to offer you this service soon.

Why are numbers limited for this walk?

This is usually because there is limited parking at the meeting point. Sometimes the walk leaders ask that participants be kept to a number they feel comfortable talking to or guiding round a particular route.

Can I bring my dog on the walk?

Most of our walk routes follow public rights of way, so well-behaved dogs are welcome. Where a walk is on private land, we will follow the wishes of the landowner. If dogs aren't allowed, this will be stated clearly in the programme.

If you do bring your dog on a walk we expect you to follow the Countryside Code by behaving responsibly in the vicinity of livestock, and so forth. Please note that if another of the walk participants objects to the presence of your dog, we expect you to behave accordingly and defer to the wishes of the walk leader, who may ask you to follow the main group at a distance or withdraw altogether. If this should happen, make sure the walk leader has your name and contact details.  

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