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Know your place

Historic buildings, towns and landscapes in Dorset and the techniques, such as characterisation, used to study them.

  • weymouth town bridge Dorset historic towns survey

    Dorset has a rich variety of historic towns, each with its own special character and story. The Dorset Historic Towns Survey analysed this historic character, so important to the individuality, sense of place and economic well-being of the county's towns.

  • Fiddleford Manor Historic buildings

    Dorset's rich heritage of historic buildings and scenic villages contributes to the county's unique character and identity. They are important for tourism and education, and a significant factor in regeneration of places and communities.

  • Trowel Archaeology - excavations and surveys

    The popular view sees archaeologists as 'diggers' on excavations. Many still do work as excavators, usually for professional archaeological companies - 'contractors' who undertake development work.

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