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Labour market structure

Key data for the labour market from the Annual Population Survey

Labour market structure - Apr 2013 - Mar 2014

AreaResidents aged 16-64Economic activity rate - aged 16-64Employment rate - aged 16-64percentage aged 16-64 who are employeespercentage aged 16-64 who are self employedUnemployment rate - aged 16-64Unemployment rate - aged 16+Percentage who are economically inactive - aged 16-64
Great Britain39,135,40077.471.761.
South East5,445,00079.975.564.
South West3,286,20079.074.762.411.85.55.421.0
Dorset LEP area420,50079.975.963.
DCC Dorset222,70081.477.063.713.05.45.318.6
East Dorset49,00079.676.661.315.33.83.920.4
North Dorset33,60088.786.770.914.
West Dorset52,70081.477.560.317.24.84.418.6
Weymouth & Portland35,70083.874.867.07.110.810.716.2

Note:  The Annual Population Survey is a sample survey and the results are given with a confidence interval.  For example, we are told that DCC Dorset's economic activity rate is 81.4%, but this percentage is given with a 95% confidence interval of +/-2.5%.  This means that 19 times out of 20 we would expect the true rate to lie between 78.9% and 83.9%.  Only in exceptional circumstances (one in twenty times), would we expect the true rate to lie outside the confidence interval around the estimate given.

The APS provides a huge volume of data - more is available on request.

Population estimates may differ slightly from mid-year population estimates published elsewhere.

Unemployment data can also be drawn from the Claimant Count - but this excludes those unable to claim for Jobseeker's Allowance.  The APS unemployment numbers and rates are therefore higher than the Claimant Count figures.

Employment data can also be drawn from the Business Register and Employment Survey (ONS), but this is workplace based and excludes most of the self-employed.

Employment by occupation - Apr 2013 - Mar 2014

Percentage of all in employment who are:

Area1: managers, directors and senior officials (SOC2010)2: professional occupations (SOC2010)3: associate prof & tech occupations (SOC2010)4: administrative and secretarial occupations (SOC2010)5: skilled trades occupations (SOC2010)6: caring, leisure and other service occupations (SOC2010)7: sales and customer service occupations (SOC2010)8: process, plant and machine operatives (SOC2010)9: elementary occupations (SOC2010)
Great Britain10.219.914.110.710.
South East11.521.515.610.
South West10.318.313.910.
Dorset LEP area10.218.515.19.912.910.37.74.610.4
DCC Dorset10.
East Dorset9.519.417.311.613.
North Dorset11.311.716.06.713.312.
West Dorset14.016.413.39.414.
Weymouth & Portland4.918.

Source:  Annual Population Survey Apr 2013 - Mar 2014, ONS

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