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Family Information Outreach

A service for families who need extra help finding information.

Our Outreach Team support individual families who need extra help finding information. This support is tailored to the needs of each family. They also work with children's centres so families can access support in their community.

Who do the team support?

The team give support to all families, but specific support to parents and carers:

  • of children and young people who are disabled
  • who are disabled or have additional needs
  • with English as a second language
  • starting or returning to work, education or training

They also support:

  • families and practitioners who are unable to access the services they need
  • families that are new to the area

See the Outreach Service Leaflet (pdf, 278kb) (opens in a new window) to find out more.

Get help from the service

Contact the FIS and request this service.

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