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Land management, coastal management, trees, seats, grass cutting and site designations in Dorset.

Countryside management in Dorset

Read more about Countryside management in Dorset
Find out about the many different organisations that are responsible for managing Dorset's countryside.

Coastal protection and management

Read more about Coastal protection and management
Dorset has a stunning coastline which is internationally recognised as a World Heritage Site.

Tree management

Read more about Tree management
Preservation orders, trees in conservation areas, hedgerows, tree maintenance and surgery, development guidelines and tree policies.

Verge cutting

Read more about Verge cutting
Find information on grass (verge) cutting services and responsibilities in Dorset.

Site designations

Read more about Site designations
Important sites are often recognised by being given statutory protection.

Heathland management

Read more about Heathland management
Dorset's heaths are home to rare specialist animals and plants, including endangered species.
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