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Parks and countryside

Country parks, visitor centres, nature reserves, gardens, allotments and children's play areas in Dorset.

Country parks

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Avon Heath, Durlston, Lodmoor and Moors Valley Country Parks and other visitor centres in Dorset.

Countryside sites and nature reserves

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There are many places to visit in Dorset's countryside where you can watch wildlife, go for a walk or relax on a sunny day.

Dorset Heaths

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Heathlands are important places for wildlife and open spaces for people. Heathlands grow in a few areas around the UK and Europe, including Dorset.

Parks and gardens

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Parks and gardens managed by Dorset councils.

Children's play areas

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Information on the play areas, play grounds and wheel parks for children and trim trails for adults in Dorset.


Read more about Allotments
Information on the allotment sites and facilities available to the community and the charges that apply in Dorset.
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