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Coastline - protection

Coastline protection schemes that are in place across Dorset to reduce coastal erosion.

  • Work on groynes at Highcliffe Beach Coast protection in Christchurch

    Christchurch Borough Council is one of 88 maritime district councils who are responsible for controlling coastal erosion under the Coast Protection Act 1949

  • Cliffs at Durlston Bay Coast protection in Purbeck

    Purbeck District Council has a coastline of approximately 90km, which extends from Poole Harbour in the east to White Nothe in the west. The coastline includes the southern boundary of Poole Harbour and the islands within it.

  • Work at West Bay Coast protection in West Dorset

    Coast protection is the protection of the land from erosion by the sea. West Dorset has approximately 44 kilometres (27 miles) of coast. About 4 kilometres of this is protected by coastal protection schemes.

  • Coast protection in Weymouth and Portland

    Weymouth and Portland Borough Council is the Coast Protection Authority, under the Coast Protection Act 1949, within its borough boundaries between Redcliff Point in the east and The Fleet in the west.

  • Open Access along the Coast Shoreline Management Plans

    A shoreline management plan (SMP) is a strategic document that sets out policies to assist decision-making on flooding from the sea and coastal erosion risk management over the next 20, 50 and 100 years. There are three Shoreline Management Plans which cover the Dorset coast.

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