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Purbeck's heathland

Heathland is a unique and special habitat. Over 5% of the UK's heathland is found in Purbeck.

Heathland is very important for biodiversity and conservation in the landscape. It is home to many rare species including Dorset heath, nightjar, Dartford warbler, marsh gentian, smooth snake and sand lizard, as well as Purbeck mason-wasp and ladybird spider (both only found in Purbeck).

Heathland is threatened by invading scrub (e.g. gorse and bracken) and also increasing human populations. Restoring heathland is a big part of the conservation work in Purbeck.

Find more about this habitat in the Purbeck Countryside Guide (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window).

Some of our walking routes pass by or through Purbeck's heathland.

Many organisations offer guided walks and talks - find out more from the Visit Dorset website (opens in a new window).

Heathlands to visit in Purbeck include:

  1. Purbeck's heathland
  1. Purbeck's heathland
  2. Purbeck's heathland


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