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Tree management


Preservation orders, trees in conservation areas, hedgerows, tree maintenance and surgery, development guidelines and tree policies.

  • Trees Tree enquiry form

    If you have a query about a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), a tree in a park or public space, a tree on a pavement or verge, or just wish to discuss a tree in Dorset. You can use our online form- it's quick, easy and can be used at any time of the day.

  • Tree Preservation Orders Tree preservation orders

    Trees and hedges are a key element of our countryside, but they also have a major part to play in urban areas.

  • Oak Tree Trees in conservation areas

    All trees, regardless of species, are protected by the conservation area status provided the trunk diameter is greater than 75mm when measured at 1.5m above ground level.

  • Arboriculture teamTree maintenance and surgery

    The arboricultural section of Dorset County Council manages the county council's tree stock. However we will also undertake similar work for customers.

  • Ash Dieback disease Ash dieback disease

    Information and advice on ash dieback disease, also known as Chalara fraxinea, which is a potentially serious threat to ash trees across the UK.

  • Hedgerows Hedgerows and high hedges

    Information about the management of hedgerows and resolving high hedge disputes in Dorset.

  • Development Trees Trees and development guidelines

    The visual contribution of trees to the built environment has long been recognised. In addition, trees provide important habitats for wildlife, help to improve air quality, reduce rain water run-off, provide shelter and are integral to the character of the Dorset countryside.

  • Trees Trees and hedgerows - North Dorset

    North Dorset District Council is committed to preserving and retaining trees so they continue to contribute to the North Dorset landscape.

  • Upton Wood Trees and hedgerows - Purbeck

    This page provides information relating to the management and protection of trees and hedgerows in Purbeck.

  • Colmers Hill, Bridport Trees and hedgerows - West Dorset

    The trees and hedgerows of West Dorset are a natural and ecological asset and contribute to the visual enjoyment and distinctiveness of our local landscape.

  • Tree maintenance Trees and high hedges - Weymouth and Portland

    Weymouth and Portland Borough Council consider trees are an important part of our landscape and environment.

  • Trees Trees in Christchurch and East Dorset

    Information about how Christchurch Borough Council and East Dorset District Council work in partnership to manage and maintain trees throughout their area.

  • Tree maintenance and surgery

    Dorset County Council's arboricultural team manages the county council's tree stock. The section also undertakes similar work for commercial customers.

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