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Children in care

Details of the support available to children in care from the Care and Support teams.

Contact the Care and Support 0 to 12 team.

Contact the Care and Support 13 to 25 team.

Care and Support teams for looked after children

The Care and Support teams look after some of the most vulnerable children and young people. 

The teams:

  • work together with families and carers to promote and safeguard their health and welfare
  • give advice and support around healthy living
  • encourage good school or college attendance
  • encourage children and young people to keep in contact with parents and wider family where appropriate

Types of living arrangements

Foster care

Where possible, children and young people in care will live with foster carers. The team will try to match children and young people with carers whose skills and location meet their needs. This helps to them to stay in contact with their support networks.

Residential homes

Some children and young people live in residential homes. Dorset County Council have 2 residential homes, Maumbury House and The Cherries, where children and young people are supported by their key workers to achieve their best outcomes.

Supported housing

Some older young people live in supported housing if this is part of their plan and they are ready to live more independently.

Education options for children in care

The Virtual School

The Virtual School (pdf, 2Mb) (opens in a new window) supports children in care as though they were on a roll at a single school. They work to secure the best educational outcomes for children in care in schools and other settings. 

See the Virtual School handbook (pdf, 5Mb) (opens in a new window) to see how we're working with educational establishments in the Virtual School. 

National curriculum

At key stages 1, 2 and 3 the national curriculum (pdf, 46kb) (opens in a new window) has 8 levels. These are to measure your child's progress compared to pupils of the same age across the country. 

School information

See our:

Values and policies for children in care and care leavers

We have values and policies in place to make sure children get the right care:

More information

See our support for young people pages for general information for young people.

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