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What if my internet provider says it's not available?

There are a few reasons why a provider may not offer you a fibre broadband service when you contact them.

Your chosen internet provider is not offering a service in your area

It is possible that they are not yet offering a service in your area, or have chosen not to offer a service in this location at all. For example, it's come to our attention that TalkTalk are not offering fibre services in the Bridport area.

If enough people ask them why they are not offering a service then they may change their plans as a result of high demand.

It is worth checking with another provider if your first choice does not offer you a fibre broadband service. We expect choice to increase over time, but when your green roadside cabinet is first upgraded there may only be a small number of providers offering a fibre broadband service.

You can check broadband comparison websites, but it is worth noting they are not always up-to-date. For this reason, we recommend you go directly to internet providers' websites - it takes longer, but you're more likely to get accurate information.

See a list of internet service providers. (opens in a new window)

We may be returning to your postcode to do more work

For example, there might be two green roadside cabinets that serve properties in your postcode, and we're bringing fibre to one of them later. It's also possible that we might be returning to your postcode with different technology.

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