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Roundabout sponsorship initiative

Dorset County Council appreciates the need for local companies and organisations to be able to cost effectively advertise their businesses. To help these companies, a countywide roundabout sponsorship scheme has been developed.

A countywide roundabout sponsorship scheme has been developed that allows companies to pay to legally advertise on roundabouts and in doing so, help generate additional funding which is then used to help to maintain the highway network.

But the initiative is not just about generating income for reinvestment back into the highways. It will also:

  • generate external funding to help supplement dwindling maintenance budgets because of National Government cuts

    As an example, the available budget for urban verge maintenance has been cut significantly in recent years because of general budget cuts and any external funding that can be raised through roundabout sponsorship will be used to improve the maintenance regime on the county's roundabouts and verges
  • rationalise the ad-hoc approach to roundabout sponsorship taken by the Highway Authority in the past

    Many differing sponsorship schemes have been allowed in past. The project has helped highlight anomalies and permit more sustainable solutions to be introduced
  • help fund the design and installation of new, low maintenance landscape designs for roundabouts (tailored to the individual roundabout)

    The cost of maintaining roundabouts can be prohibitively expensive, especially those containing "bedding plants". Dorset Highways is no longer in a position to maintain roundabouts (both in terms of funding and manpower) to the levels we were once able to. Roundabout sponsorship allows for new low maintenance landscaping designs to be introduced that are more draught resistant and provide better year-round interest. In addition, some borough, town and parish councils still choose to provide a higher "amenity" level of maintenance, by installing bedding plants, etc. in order to keep the roundabouts in their area looking bright and colourful
  • produce a common sign design that will better promote "Team Dorset"

    Rather than have numerous different sponsorship signs on roundabouts across the county, a standardised approach will help to better promote the "Team Dorset" ethos and help to ensure a reasonable standard of sign design is utilised

  • highlight the roundabout's name (traffic management)

    It has long been an aspiration to name all the county's roundabouts to help "anchor" them in the local environment and assist drivers and communities identify with specific roundabouts
  • highlight any existing partnership working with town and parish councils

    The new sponsorship signs allow for the highlighting of the already excellent local partnership working that is taking place. The intention is to permit the local borough, town or parish to have their name included on the signs, if they so wish, to highlight they are working in partnership with Dorset County Council

  • give businesses an authorised opportunity to advertise on the Highway

    Dorset Highways has been accused of not being sympathetic to the needs of local businesses who advertise illegally on the Highway. One of the over-arching aims of the council is to ensure and enhance the viability of local businesses. Roundabout sponsorship is one way in which Dorset Highways can help these companies promote their business, without the need for resorting to illegal signing

  • be part of a more comprehensive approach to the management of illegal signing on the Highway

    Sponsors of roundabouts will obviously not want to see other businesses illegally advertising on "their" roundabout, so it will be incumbent upon Dorset Highways to ensure as much of the illegal signing is removed as is reasonably practicable. The countywide sponsorship project is, therefore, part of a number of new complementary policies designed to reduce the amount of illegal signing we witness on the Highway

  • be part of an aspiration to allow more "art" to be installed on roundabouts

    To enhance the county's roundabouts Dorset Highways is investigating ways of allowing more "art" on roundabouts: The "Badger Roundabout" at Blandford or the "boat roundabout" at the junction of A35 and Holes Bay Road in Poole are good examples of this. The exact nature of the "art" will be dictated by those who want to be involved and the particular roundabout in question

    For more information please see the Art, Statues and Monuments Policy (pdf, 165kb) (opens in a new window)

Roundabout sponsorship policy

The council's  Roundabout Sponsorship Policy (pdf, 501kb) (opens in a new window) sets out the rationale behind the initiative, along with its aims and objectives.

If companies or organisations would like further information on how they can use this very popular method of advertising their business, please contact our Marketing Department who will be happy to explain the process and any remaining advertising opportunities there are.

Please note that the scheme only extends to the roads for which the county council is responsible and does not include any of the roundabouts on the Trunk roads running through the county (the A31 and A35 from Bere Regis to the Devon border), which are the responsibility of the Highways Agency, who do not promote advertising on their network.

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