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Sherborne Waste Transfer Station

Providing an additional waste transfer building to support the rolling out of the new household recycling unit in Sherborne.

The project

Sherborne Waste Management Centre is an operational unit run by the Dorset Waste Partnership. It consists of a household recycling centre for residents to dispose of their household waste and a waste transfer station for the delivery and onward transfer of roadside collected waste and recyclates.

Owing to the 'Recycle for Dorset' programme being rolled out in 2014 there was a need to provide an additional building on site at the Sherborne Waste Management Centre. This was to accommodate the additional recyclates, separate glass and materials (paper, card, cans, plastic bottles and trays) being collected and brought to the waste site for onward transfer.

To ensure the materials remain dry it was necessary to provide cover for the tipped load and temporary storage. In turn this means more recyclates and less waste is delivered to landfill sites.

The new building was designed to fit into the present recess of the retaining wall around the yard with ground levels dropping about one metre across the site. The vandyke brown steel cladding matches the existing building and three sides are clad to ground level with concrete panels. The front elevation has been fitted with a semi permeable green meshed curtain which can be mechanically lowered and raised. This is 20 metres wide x 9.5 metres high to provide a net clearance of 7.6 metres when open to allow for the tipping of lorries.

Prior to the new building works it was found necessary to stabilise the bank behind. This involved removing some of the existing vegetation, re-profiling an area and then fitting ground anchors through a rocknet and seeded hessian blanket.

The project to provide the new waste transfer building was procured and project managed by Dorset County Council's Dorset Property on behalf of Dorset Waste Partnership and was completed in October 2014.

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