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2017-2018 School Admissions policies

Determined 2017-2018 School Admissions policies for children moving schools part way through a school year.

Determination of admission arrangements 2017/2018

Cabinet approved Dorset's admission arrangements for 2017/2018 on 11 February 2016. The arrangements include updated admissions policies and transport policies incorporating the extension of the Post 16 charge to young people with special educational needs in post 16 education and the confirmed new Surplus Seat charge for 2017/2018.

Policies that will affect all schools

See policies:

Policies that will apply to Dorset County Council (DCC) schools

Community and voluntary controlled schools that use the school admissions policies created by DCC:

Policies for schools with their own admissions policies

The following academies, foundation, trust schools, free schools and voluntary aided schools have proposed changes to their admission policies:

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