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Living and Learning Dorset

We are working with other organisations and our communities to make public and community assets work better for everybody.

Community Offer for Living and Learning

Working together with partners and local communities, building on existing partnerships, we want to deliver services in the most affordable and effective way, resulting in empowered people, smarter services and greater independence.

Living and Learning is a new relationship, a new local offer, defined by engaging and working with our communities. At the heart of the new local offer will be an understanding of what we can do to improve the lives of people in local communities.

The principles which will inform the development of our Living and Learning work are:


Engaging and working with partners and local communities to develop together a community offer based on local needs and priorities.


Priority is given to low cost, earlier interventions which reduce demand for high cost interventions later in the life course.


Consider how new technologies can help us to work differently, and meet the expectations of people using our services to enable greater self service and independence.


The offer aims to support services to go beyond colocation, it encourages the sharing of space and integration, such as sharing front of house and back office staff, services and costs.


Bringing together services which can only be delivered from buildings in integrated Living & Learning centres, strategically located in our most flexible, efficient and accessible buildings.

Further information

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