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Nick Jarman

The role of the Interim Corporate Director for Children's Services is to provide a co-ordinated approach to educational and social services for all children and young people in the county.

Name: Nick Jarman
Employed in this role since: 9 October 2017
Salary Band: Interim, in line with directors pay range of £111,629 - £126,281 (from 1 April 2017)
Number of staff under direct and indirect line management: 1,123
Total of direct and indirect financial responsibility: £129m

The main responsibilities of the Interim Corporate Director for Children's Services are to:

1. Lead, manage and be accountable for all aspects of service delivery and strategic development within allocated services

2. Promote radical and innovative ways of delivering county council and service aims and objectives

3. Provide high quality and cost-effective services

4. Act as a county council director for statutory purposes, providing strong leadership and management for the county council's functions, including the provision of relevant information to internal and external inspection bodies

5. Provide support and advice to the Chief Executive and elected members, ensuring clear communication, and delivery of council, cabinet, and overview objectives

6. Promote an integrated approach to the management and delivery of the county council's corporate priorities and objectives, as a member of the County Management Team, and to lead on such corporate initiatives as may be allocated from time to time by the Chief Executive

7. Maintain and improve effective budgetary, planning and performance frameworks, so as to ensure that performance of allocated services is demonstrably effective against national, regional, and local indicators, that objectives are achieved, and that high standards of probity are met

8. Contribute to fulfilling the county council's community leadership role by effective contribution to local strategic partnerships

9. Lead on the design of arrangements for services in Dorset which reflect local needs, and circumstances, involving the development of appropriate commissioning, management and governance arrangements

10. Work closely with the colleague directors within the county council to deliver an integrated approach to the delivery of service objectives

11. Work with and consult members of the public and a range of partners, to ensure the provision of appropriate, effective and integrated services

12. Build on the outcomes of statutory Inspections and other external evaluations, so as to secure continuing improvements in performance. To promote a culture of continuous improvement throughout the county council and within a Directorate, and to maintain quality assurance mechanisms to secure Best Value and diversity in the delivery of services.

13. Set high standards and enhance the performance, effectiveness and reputation of the county council.

14. Play an active part in the county council's Management of Diversity Programme in respect of both employment and service provision aspects, with the accent on securing upper quartile performance or equivalent as appropriate on performance indicators

15. Responsibility for promoting and safeguarding welfare of children and young people

16. Any other lesser or comparable duties as required

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