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Proposed Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan

The Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Examiner's Report has concluded that subject to modifications, the Plan meets basic conditions and can proceed to referendum.


The plan and the proposed modifications were reported to a NDDC Cabinet meeting on 29 May 2018.  Members decided that the neighbourhood plan, as modified, can proceed to referendum.  The referendum will take place on 12 July 2018. Please see below for documents relevant to the referendum.

Examiner's Report

David Kaiserman (BA Dip TP MRTP) issued his report on the submitted Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan on 4 April 2018. He concluded that provided the recommended modifications are made, the plan would meet the basic conditions. He therefore recommended that the plan, as modified, should proceed to a referendum. 

Submission for Examination

In accordance with Regulation 17 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, the submitted plan, supporting documents, and all representations received during the 6-week consultation period were sent to an Independent Examiner (David Kaiserman).  The Examiner considers whether the plan meets certain basic conditions, satisfies legal requirements, and will identify an appropriate area for a referendum.

Consultation on the submitted plan

Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 requires North Dorset District Council to publicise and invite representations on the plan before the examination takes place.  The consultation period was between Thursday 4 January 2018 and Thursday 15 February 2018.  During this period, the following representations were received:

Document referenceResponse
GIL01 Allard Family (pdf, 7Mb) (opens in a new window)
GIL02 C Wheelwright (pdf, 1Mb) (opens in a new window)
GIL03 R Monksummers (pdf, 420kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL04 T Flynn (pdf, 445kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL05 R Pilkington (pdf, 516kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL06 Historic England (pdf, 111kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL07 Highways England (pdf, 94kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL08 Dorset County Council (pdf, 124kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL09 Y Phillips (pdf, 435kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL10 H Bryant (pdf, 167kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL11 P Sweeney (pdf, 9Mb) (opens in a new window)
GIL12 Natural England (pdf, 24kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL13 Cranborne Chase AONB (pdf, 114kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL14 Persimmon (pdf, 373kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL15 G Longcroft (pdf, 102kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL16 C G Fry (pdf, 229kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL17 Magna Housing (pdf, 297kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL18 Network Rail (pdf, 175kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL19 S & P Joyce (pdf, 5Mb) (opens in a new window)
GIL20 Aldi Stores (pdf, 525kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL21 North Dorset District Council (pdf, 61kb) (opens in a new window)
GIL22 St Benedict's Catholic Church (pdf, 3Mb) (opens in a new window)

Submission documents

Detailed maps extracted from the GNP submission draft

Supporting evidence

Supporting evidence - chapters 1 to 4

Supporting evidence - chapter 5

Supporting evidence - chapter 6

Supporting evidence - chapters 7 to 9

Supporting evidence - chapter 10

Supporting evidence - chapter 11

Supporting evidence - chapters 12 to 13








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