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Dorset Care Framework

The county council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have designed a new partnership approach to sourcing and buying care that will provide a better service for the needs of everyone. This new partnership is called the Dorset Care Framework.

From 4 December 2017 the council and the NHS CCG are working with care providers on a new contract, which is called a framework. The new contract aims to develop the care market in Dorset to meet growing demand and maintain the best quality.

The hourly rate and half-hourly rate offered to framework providers has increased as part of this arrangement. The main reason for these changes is to find a more effective way of buying care across both health and social care services.

Who will be affected?

If you receive care from a provider that is not on the new contract you will be contacted for a review and to discuss the change of provider.

You might also be contacted about a change of provider if there is a new 'block provider' in your area. This means that we have been able to buy agreed hours in areas that have been hard to provide services.

Please be aware it will not affect the level of assistance you have been assessed as needing and which is now provided to you. The only impact will be who provides the service to you.

What happens next?

If you will be affected by these changes your local social care or continuing healthcare team will be in touch with you or your representative. They will be able to explain this further and also give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

If your provider is changing, the new provider will contact you to set up the details of meeting your care needs, and will discuss with you questions such as when your care will be provided. Any changes will be made in consultation with you. If you have any concerns with your care following the changes, you will still be able to contact either your local social care team or the NHS continuing healthcare team who will do their best to help you.

If you want to continue to receive care and support from your current provider, you will need to either fund this yourself, or talk to your local social care team or the NHS continuing healthcare team about whether a Direct payment (opens in a new window) (social care) or  Personal health budget (opens in a new window) (NHS) could work for you.

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