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Apply or renew your Blue Badge

Request a new badge or process your renewal

The process for applying for a new badge and renewing an old one is almost the same. We just need your current badge details for any renewals.

The Department for Transport don't allow us to issue badges for any longer than 3 years. So even if you have a permanent condition, you will still need to renew your badge every 3 years.

Please note that we cannot process applications from residents outside of Dorset or from Bournemouth or Poole

Applying for yourself, or on behalf of someone

If your application is successful, in order to produce the badge, we'll ask for:

  • a passport style photo of the badge holder

  • an admin fee of £10

We may also ask for copies of documents as proof of your address or eligibility.

If you have checked the eligibility criteria, and you're confident that your application will be approved, you may want to have the items above handy, as this will help to speed up your application.

Apply now

If you've already made an application, and we've asked you to provide a photo, documents or a payment, you can do that here:

Upload documents or a photo, or make a payment

Applying on behalf of an Organisation

Some organisations may be eligible if they care for and transport disabled people, who themselves meet the eligibility criteria for a badge

To request an application form please email

Applying on behalf of a terminally ill patient

GP's and specialist nurses can submit a fast-track application on behalf of a terminally ill patient. Most surgeries have copies of these forms, but new ones can be requested by emailing

Fast-track applications don't require a photo or payment. Once we receive the completed form from the GP or nurse, the badge will then be produced and sent to the patient's home address within seven working days.

If you have any queries or require assistance, please contact the Blue Badge Team


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