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Food waste

Despite most residents separating out their food in their brown bin, food waste still takes up one fifth of Dorset's rubbish bins, by weight. This is bad for the environment and the tax-payer, as waste mixed with food is either sent away for expensive treatment or goes to landfill, creating harmful gases and costing your council more in Landfill Tax.

Why have I received a sticker and tag on my bin?

To help promote our food recycling service, the Dorset Waste Partnership will be attaching stickers and tags to around 38,000 rubbish bins during the period April to August 2018 in the East Dorset area. This activity follows successful similar campaigns in other parts of the county.

The exercise is costing about £9,500 including staff time, but is expected to save up to £38,000 over the next year by encouraging residents to reduce and recycle more of their food waste.

The stickers and tags are placed regardless of the contents of the rubbish bin and will not affect your regular collection. The sticker is a reminder to use the correct bin when disposing of food waste. We are not be inspecting the contents of the bins themselves. The tag shows facts about food waste and the reasons why we should recycle it. While they are not recyclable, both the sticker and tag are designed to stay on the bin.

But I already use my food waste service. Why give me a tag and sticker?

We are placing the stickers and tags on all the bins regardless of whether they are accompanied by a food waste bin out for collection or not. This is the fairest and most efficient way to ensure we deliver the message consistently across all households. Please don't feel you have been singled out or mistakenly "targeted" in any way - we thank you for using the food waste service, so keep up the good work!

Replacement bins can be obtained from our various glass box, food waste bin and kitchen caddy collection points. If you need a replacement bin of any kind, please let us know.

Kitchen caddy liners are available at all supermarkets and many local shops. You can find your nearest from this list of caddy liner stockists.

You can also line your caddy with newspaper to wrap your food waste.

7-litre kitchen caddy (keep indoors) and 23-litre food waste bin (keep outdoors)

Table of items that can and can't be placed in a food waste bin
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All cooked and uncooked food, including:

  • meat, fish and bones
  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • cheese and dairy produce
  • cakes, bread and pastries
  • leftovers, including plate scrapings
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • pasta, rice and eggshells

Compostable and newspaper caddy liners

  • carrier bags/plastic bags
  • food packaging
  • garden waste
  • pet waste
  • liquids
  • oil or liquid fats

Find out more about food waste and where it goes.

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