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What if I'm not in your current plans?

Fibre broadband may not be available to everyone, but there are other ways to improve your connection speed.

If your area isn't in the Superfast Dorset programme yet there are a number of alternatives that can significantly improve your current speed or provide a connection while you wait.

The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme

We are running a scheme for those with less than 2Mbps to apply for a subsidy towards a satellite, 4G or wireless broadband connection.

Am I eligible for a subsidy?

Wireless broadband

Wireless broadband does not come down your phone line, but through the air. This means you could save money by cancelling your existing land line telephone contract if you wish.

Wireless broadband can offer faster speeds and better data packages than satellite broadband. However, it is not available across the whole of Dorset - you will need to check which supplier(s) offer a service in your area. Our postcode checker (opens in a new window) can guide you.

Wireless providers in Dorset:

For more details read  What is Fixed Wireless Access? (pdf, 311kb) (opens in a new window).

Satellite broadband

Any property that can see the southern sky can get a satellite broadband connection. This will require a dish on or near your property and can deliver speeds up to around 20Mbps. Weather conditions should not affect your service.

The cost for a satellite connection varies depending on your choice, much like a mobile phone contract, but a basic package could cost around £25 per month.

Satellite connections are not suitable for time critical activity such as online gaming, but are fine for most internet use. Also, most satellite providers will allow you to swap over to fibre broadband if it becomes available with no cancellation charge.

Satellite providers covering Dorset:

Mobile 4G broadband

Mobile broadband can be accessed with a number of devices, including mobile phones, mobile dongles, MiFi units and data cards. In most cases mobile dongles, which work as portable modems are USB-compatible and plug directly into the laptop, PC or device. This allows you to access the internet wherever the network is available, both in your home and on the go.

Mobile broadband can be provided by the same network your mobile phone works on, but can connect to 4G data in places where your mobile phone cannot. See if 3G or 4G covers your property on the Ofcom coverage map (opens in a new window).

4G broadband providers operating in Dorset:

Community Fibre Partnerships

If your community is not in our plans to benefit from fibre broadband, you might want to consider a BT Community Fibre Partnership (opens in a new window).

Government has also written an  introduction to community-led schemes (opens in a new window).

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