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Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme

Businesses and residents with broadband connections of less than 2Mbps can apply for a subsidy towards the installation of an improved connection.

What does the scheme do?

This scheme can offer support towards the cost of the equipment and installation of a wireless, mobile or satellite broadband connection. If you are eligible you will be issued with a code you can redeem with a supplier, which is worth up to £350 towards initial cost.

We will send you an email with a list of all the participating suppliers along with your code. You may also wish to read our Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme guide (pdf, 25kb) (opens in a new window)

Can I get it?

To be eligible for the scheme:

  • you can't get a broadband service of more than 2Mbps
  • you are not in our current plans to get fibre broadband OR set to benefit within the next year. We will check this for you when you make an application
  • you must own the property you are applying for or have permission from your landlord

You can check whether superfast broadband is available to you using the Go Superfast Checker (opens in a new window) and what your current broadband speed is using the BT Broadband Availability Checker (opens in a new window), or by doing a speed test:

If, after making these checks, you believe your speed is less than 2Mbps and you have no other options available you should apply for the scheme.

How will I know which supplier to choose?

We recommend that you first check if one of the wireless suppliers covers your area. You can check this by visiting our broadband availability checker.

Where wireless isn't available, consider 4G or satellite. Providers will be offering different packages based on the amount of data you need and the speed of the connection.

The most active suppliers in Dorset are:

SupplierTechnology type
1 Wessex Internet (opens in a new window)Fixed wireless
2 VoiP Unlimited (opens in a new window)Fixed wireless
South West Internet (opens in a new window)Fixed wireless
Avonline (opens in a new window)Satellite
Juice Broadband (opens in a new window)Fixed wireless
NotSpot Broadband (opens in a new window)Satellite
Bentley Walker (opens in a new window)Satellite
Satellite Internet (opens in a new window)Satellite
Rural Broadband (opens in a new window)Satellite
10 South West Mobile Broadband (opens in a new window) 4G
11  Morion Broadband (opens in a new window)Fixed wireless
12  Europasat (opens in a new window)Satellite

Transform broadband for your whole community

Are your neighbours struggling on poor speeds too? You may want to consider combining your codes together. This can go towards the cost of providing a solution for the whole area.

See the Guide to combining codes to improve broadband for your community (PDF, 15kb) (opens in a new window) and how this worked in Compton Valence (pdf, 278kb) (opens in a new window).

Great! What do I need to do?

Apply for the scheme

If you don't hear from us within 10 working days please contact us at or call 01305 225052.

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