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What is the difference between standard and fibre broadband?

Standard broadband - runs on old copper lines which can make the service unreliable. Sometimes the connection tends to drop, especially when two or more people are online at the same time or at peak times of the day.

Fibre broadband - runs over new infrastructure made up of fibre optic cables which are better at delivering high speed data across greater distances. Speeds are much faster and don't drop when more than two devices are connected at the same time. More about the different types of fibre broadband.

Fibre can cost the same or less than standard broadband. Sticking with the same supplier for years may be convenient, but older packages are more expensive and tend to have usage caps and slower speeds. You may be paying more for a worse service

What else can fibre do?

Whatever you do online, it's easier and faster with fibre broadband

  • Banking and finding money-saving deals
  • Watching catch-up TV
  • Gaming
  • Working from home
  • Being online at the same time as others in your home
  • Updating software
  • Video calling with friends and family

How do I switch to fibre broadband?

  1. Check if you can get fibre
  2. Shop around for the best deals and a package that suits your needs
  3. Contact the internet provider (BT, Sky, TalkTalk, PlusNet, etc) of your choice and tell them you want to switch to fibre broadband
  4. Enjoy the benefits of faster, more reliable broadband



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