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Corporate Plan and Outcomes Framework

Our Corporate Plan sets out what we as the county council is doing to meet the continuing challenges of the economic climate while ensuring that our Dorset residents receive the services they need the most.

We all need to help tackle the national deficit which means that the county council will have a reduction in budget for years to come.

We must continue our drive for efficiency and we need to be ambitious and creative in the way we map out the future. That's where this plan comes in (pdf, 414kb) (opens in a new window) - it sets out what we will do to make our people's lives better, and shows how we will work with our partners and our residents.

Crucially, we need to work with you - the people of Dorset. This plan sets out how you can get involved and play your part in building the strong and successful county we all want. We are focusing on what we do, but more importantly what we achieve with you, our residents. We want to make sure that as we join together across the county we continue our efforts to encourage economic growth, and help everyone to be safe, healthy and independent.

Our outcomes framework is made up of four outcomes, reflecting the county council's commitment to helping residents be safe, healthy and independent, with an economy that is prosperous. The framework supports a common way of working for a strong and successful Dorset, with a relentless focus on making a difference and improving the quality of life of our residents.

Dorset's Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Towards the end of 2015, every health and care system were asked to come together to create their own ambitious local Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) (opens in a new window) to accelerate the implementation of the Five Year Forward View. These plans also aim to build and strengthen local relationships, enabling a shared understanding of where we are now, ambition for 2021 and the steps needed to get us there.

The STP for Dorset - entitled Our Dorset - has been co-developed with local partners and aims to drive a genuine and sustainable transformation in health and wellbeing outcomes for the residents of Dorset over the longer-term. As an overarching strategic plan the STP covers elements of the Health and Wellbeing Strategies, Integrated Community Services, and Clinical Services Review programme; which have been informed by the public, patients and wider stakeholders.

As mentioned, working together with our communities and our partners, we will use the best evidence available to challenge inequality and focus our resources on the people and places in most need of help. Everyone should focus more on prevention - making sure people are supported early on to stop problems from escalating. We will also help and encourage local residents to come up with, and often deliver, their own solutions to improve their quality of life.

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